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Female Wrestler Mikaela
An interview with Mikaela after her match with Vanessa Vilano:

"She's strong, but obviously it was kind of a slaughter!"
Female Wrestler Vanessa Vilano
An interview with Vanessa Vilano after her match with Vanessa Mikaela:

"I need to train more, definitely, and lift heavier weights..."

Female Wrestler Alessia
Alessia's a former Romanian gymnast with a very strong body and a kick-ass attitude! She's now wrestling for FEMWIN and is a force to be reckoned with! Here's some quotes from our interview:

"I played with her a bit, I slapped her a few times..."

"I can be a badass and a bitch too, sometimes, if I have to..."

"You will see how strong my legs are and how fast I can make a guy to tap out if I put him in a scissor..."

9:45 Min In-Depth Interview
Female Wrestler Kassidy
Added to our Profiles Section: Kassidy's a 6'0 - 150 lb amazon who was taught to scissor by Cindy Huntress! You will see her scissors in action against a couple of other amazons, including photos of an INTENSE match against Boadicea and a short clip against Felix, a powerful bodybuilder from Australia.
Female Wrestler Barbarella
Added to our Profiles Section: Barbarella's top of the list when combining beauty and brawn! The 5'7" - 140 lb girl is beautiful and at the same time extremely aggressive! Her legs are insanely strong and she's super tenacious. We've included over 200 photos from an incredible fight against Boadicea, who's just as aggressive as Barbarella but much bigger at 6'1" - 165 lbs.
Headscissor and Bodyscissor Experts
Added to our Reports Section: Scissors Experts II includes Dark Angel (photo) and Julie Squeeze. Our photographer Bill tells why both these girls make his list of girls who are most dangerous with their legs. Excerpt regarding Julie: "I personally felt Julie's scissors and believe me, there's NO DOUBT that "SQUEEZE" belongs in her name!" Excerpt regarding Dark Angel: " She was almost single-minded in working-out her legs so that she could squeeze harder and harder because scissors were her favorite hold and by that time she had a reputation for her scissors."
Skylar Renee - Julie Squeeze Interview
Skylar/Julie Squeeze Interview
Skylar Renee and Julie Squeeze are interviewed after their hardfought match and talk about their favorite holds, etc. They also take questions from the audience.

7:49 Min Complete Interview

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